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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Goniatites – Morocco


• Geological Age: Jurassic age,171-167 million years old
• Location: Nzala, Morocco
• Species: Various: chondroceras, dorsentensia and holcophylloceras

Various goniatite fossil specimens from Nzala, Morocco, supplied by weight with various options available, these hematite stained red fossils show clear suture lines, chambers and coils, they are supplied in whole and partial pieces varying between 10 to 15 mm in size. dated from the Jurassic period, they belong to the ammonite group of animals, most of which became extinct along with the dinosaurs. An excellent choice to purchase for educational purposes to explain past life on earth.

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Goniatites fossil specimens from Morocco with hematite staining, giving them a deep, red colouration. These samples, which come supplied as whole pieces and fragments vary in size between 10 to 15 mm with occasional larger pieces. They are dated to the Jurassic period, specifically the Bajocian stage making them between 171-167 million years old.various species are present and mixed in these bags, such as chondroceras, dorsentensia and holcophylloceras. The samples have clear suture lines visible with partial pieces sometimes showing the chambers inside the shell. Available in various weights, the samples will come supplied in a polythene bag with an information label, suitable for econonimcal purchasing, buying by weight will allow you to obtain more pieces for little cost such as for kits, packs, crafts and educational use.

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