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Phonolite – Scotland

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Phonolite igneous rock specimens, an intrusive crystalline version of nepheline syenite, this rock lies between felsic and mafic composition, collected from Traprain Law, Soctland,¬† the name of the rock is derived from the ancient Greek word which means ‘sounding stone’. Which alludes to the feature this rock has of emitting a metallic ringing when struck. Samples are available in various sizes and come supplied in a card tray with a label.

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Phonolite is an extrusive igneous rock which is not too common in the field, it has a texture which ranges from fine grained to coarse grained and an intermediate chemical composition which lies between felsic and mafic which can make samples in the field quite difficult to differentiate from more commonly rocks of a similar nature. A peculiar aspect of phonolite is the metallic sound it makes when struck, often making a ringing or clanging sound. It is this feature that led to its name, being derived from the ancient Greek word which is roughly translated to 'sounding stone'. chemically, these rocks are similar to nepheline syenites, (which we stock from Norway) but exhibit a finer grained texture and form via partial melting of under-saturated silica along with feldspathoids  These particular specimens of phonolite are found in Traprain Law, Scotland, UK, the rock samples are supplied in a white card tray and come with an information label.

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