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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ignimbrite Welded Tuff

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Ignimbirte welded tuff is a pyroclastic rock of any origin formed through volcanic processes, the rock appears to show streaks of welded material on some surfaces and appears to be rhyolitic on the inside. Specimens come from Cumbria and are available in various sizes.

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Ignimbrite welded tuff found in Cumbria, UK is a pyroclastic rock, of any origin, that was sufficiently hot at the time of deposition that the constituent materials welded together during volcanic activity. In the case of these specimens which come from Cumbria, the original rock is likely rhyolite, and indeed when broken up, the tuff almost still looks like rhyolite on the inside and appears to show a form of banded. At times, the outer surface of the specimen may appear grey and exhibit glass streaks running through it, indicating the 'welding' aspect of the tuff. These rock specimens are available in 3 optional sizes and come in card trays with an information label, suitable for A level and university level geology as well as for collectors.

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