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Shap Granite

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Shap granite igneous rock specimens from Shap Fell, Cumbria, UK which exhibit typical coarse grained crystalline textures expected of intrusive felsic rocks, being composed of quartz, plagioclase and orthoclase feldspar and biotite mica. This popular granite is very sought after for a variety of applications and has a colourful appearance. It is believed to have formed during the early Devonian period as a plutonic intrusion in the area and is quarried extensively. Samples are ideal for collectors of all levels and ages as well as all educational levels as the minerals can be easily described with the origin and processes being suitable to teach higher level students. Samples are available in three sizes and come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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Shap granite is an intrusive igneous rock which is composed of typical granitic minerals such as quartz, plagioclase feldspar, orthoclsase feldspar and mica (biotite in this case). These crystals give the rock a coarse grained texture and interlock, resulting in a crystalline appearance. A strong rock with a colourful appearance, the presence of large pink feldspar phenocrysts give the samples an eye catching appearance. One of the best known localities for this variant of granite is from Shap Fell in Cumbria, UK, where the rock is quarried extensively for its appearance, hard wearing and easy to cut and polish factors which has resulted in the rock to be very sought after for stone facings, architecture, interior and garden design and more. As stated, these samples come from Shap quarry in Cumbria and are part of an igneous pluton which formed in the area, with potassium - argon dating of the mica indicating that this rock formed approximately 397 million years ago during the early Devonian period. The pluton is part of the Northern England Devonian plutonic suite which evidence can be found within Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham. The parent unit being the Caledonian super suite, which occurred during the Caledonian orogeny. The samples are excellent for young and older or professional collectors due to the vibrant colouration, causing interest in children where as the locality and mineralogy will be of interest to older or professional collectors. They are also suitable for educational use of all levels as the the material is often referred to as 'text book' granite, exhibiting all the major minerals found in granitic rocks and being easily visible even without magnification as well as enabling teachers of higher level students to describe igneous bodies, chemistry and orogenic processes to their students. The specimens are available in 3 sizes and come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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