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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Corewise Core Saw

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Industrial, purpose built circular saw for core cutting, the Corewise core saw is manufactured in Australia to the highest industry standards, utilises a 10 hp electric motor with heavy torque and a belt drive which is more efficient than a o-ring chain. The machine is housed within galvanised steel cladding and can cut through the most common core sizes, B, H, N and P sizes).

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Made in Australia to the highest possible standards available in the industry, Corewise have manufactured a purpose built core cutting machine. It pulls together years of industry experience from the engineers and technicians at Corewise as well as building upon the latest operational innovations and safety procedures. The Corewise core saw incorporates a belt drive system which is both safer for use and much simpler to replace and install if necessary than the standard chain drive system.

The unit, overall is hand built in Australia and is made from galvanised steel which is resistant to corrosion and highly durable, something needed in any heavy industrial work place, this also protects the machine for any accidental damage to it. This galvanised steel houses sophisticated high quality components, which includes an high efficiency 7.5 kW (10hp) electric engine that gives it enough power for hard cores and to ensure longer blade life. The power supply of the core saw can be adjusted to suit the needs of you, the user depending on which country the saw will intended to be used in.

The machine will handle all standard core sizes which are used within the geological and mining industry, (B, H, N, P size cores). It also comes with a unique piece of kit, 'broken core carrier' which allows you to cut highly fragmented or broken cores as well.

In the modern day, safety in relation to machinery is paramount, Corewise know this, and so have incorporated numerous safety features in to their system in the event that an accident may occur. It includes a laser sensor which senses when a hand gets too close to the blade, once this is triggered, the machine will cut out and immediately stop. Also with most cutters, it also has a fully enclose blade guard which assists both in keeping hands or digits away as well as preventing debris from being projected out. The blade guard also is fitted with a power cut device, if it is accidentally lifted, the machine again will cut out. On top of this, it also has a reverse drive mode that allows for simple removal of blockages in the machine and cutting area.

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