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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Gabbro Big Feldspar


Hand size specimens of the big feldspar variant of gabbro, samples were collected from Carrock fell, Cumbria, UK and can be supplied in 3 sizes.

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Big Feldspar Gabbro, is similar in composition to classic Gabbro specimens one can find any where in igneous regions. Like gabbro, it forms in plutonic environments, however, due to a slower, cooler temperature at the time of crystallization. The minerals in this particular gabbro are very coarse and can easily be seen with the naked eye, giving the rock a speckled grey, black and white colour. These samples of Big Feldspar gabbro come from Carrock Fell, Cumbria and are supplied in a card tray with a label. We can also supply cut and lacquered specimens, these are the same rock, however, one side has been cut and the sprayed with lacquer giving it a smooth surface, allowing you to see the texture better,making it suitable for educational use.

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