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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Graphitic Schist

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Samples of graphitic schist from the Pre-Cambrian Dalradian formation, making them among the oldest rocks in the country. The samples come from the Ben Eagach schist formation at Foss mine, Scotland, UK and were collected by our own members of staff. The rock contains mica and graphite, which gives the specimens their unique mica appearance and greasy graphitic texture and lustre.

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A variation of schist, this particular specimen was collected by staff from Aberfeldy, Scotland. It comes from the Ben Eagach formation and is part of the famous Pre-Cambrian Dalradian series. It has a smooth, almost greasy texture when one runs ones fingers across the surface. Samples are black, dark grey or blue in colour. The mineral composition of mica and graphite give it a metallic lustre and shine. The graphite is thought to have been derived from the reduction of carbon in organic rich sediments during metamorphic processes. These rock specimens are available in 3 different sizes and will come supplied in labelled card trays.

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