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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd
Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Riffle Box Sample Splitter

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Riffle boxes are designed for dividing or halving materials & particles. Source material is poured into the hopper (top) and is divided into two equal portions by a series of chutes which discharges alternatively in opposite directions into two separate collection trays. A heavy gauge sheet steel riffle box with divider slots and 3 receiver containers. This box has variable slots depending on the slot width chosen in the drop down menu.


A riffle box (sometimes known as a sample splitter) made from industrial sheet steel and covered in powder paint, supplied with the riffle box divider and 3 sample receiver boxes. Optional slot widths are available for you to select from (see the drop down menu below). Sizes of the splitters and receivers vary depending on what size slot you require, but starts from Divider: 165mm long x 114mm wide x 66mm high, Containers: 145mm long x 50mm wide x 50mm high for the smallest model which has 12, 7 mm slots.


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