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Top Assembly Kit Spares

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Top assembly kits, containing spare rods, brackets and nuts and bolts to reaplce those worn out through your tumbling. It’s important to maintain your machine over its use to ensure it is always running smoothly and correctly, the kits offered contain parts for both the 2lb and 3 lb machines, made for use with Beach tumbler only, select which kit you require fromthe options below.

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Because your tumbling machine willsee a lot of use thorugh out its time, it's important to constantly clean and check the machine after each use for any loose or damaged parts. This can happen over time through general wear and tear due to the nature of tumbling. Items which can show signs of wear and tear are usually the rods and nuts on the top surface of the machine, where the barrel sits. This can be bacuase of the contastnt vibrations from the tumbling process. Here, we have top spare kits for both the 2 lb and 3 lb machines, manufacured in the UK by Beach lapidary, they are strictly made to replace parts on their range of tumbling machines. Attempting to place these parts on other machines will result in damage or injury.

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