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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Rock Crystal Gemstone Bottle

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Rock crystal gemstone bottles containing roughly 25 ml worth of the transparent quartz mineral, the chips are up to 3 mm in size, tumbled and polished and held within a 50 x 30 mm glass bottle with cork stopper. An excellent gift for purists and minimalists, it will be great as a stocking filler.

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Rock crystal gemstone bottles contain what may look like chips of glass at first glance. However, they hold within them a pure variety of quartz with no impurities, giving them an almost transparent appearance. Each glass bottle is 50 x 30 mm in size and contains around 25 ml worth of rock crystal chips which have been tumbled and polished pieces being from 1 to 3 mm, this glassy mineral is transparent, allowing light through it. The bottles has been sealed with a cork stopper, preventing pieces from falling out, they will make an excellent gift for those who are after a minimalist look or pure crystals. Each bottle has a circular label on the front, detailing the contents. Great gifts for those interested in gemology or minerals as well as an excellent little stocking filler.

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