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Olivine mineral specimens from Åheim, Norway, samples vary from granular to crystalline but all exhibit a bright olive green colouration. Collected by staff, olivine is a subsurface mineral which is unstable at the surface and weathers easily, making it rare. It may also contain the gemstone, peridot as well as kammererite. Available in various sizes and supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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Olivine mineral specimens are highly sought after due to their rarity and vibrant, striking green colouration. Olivine is a mineral which often forms in the subsurface of the earths crust, for this reason, it is often unstable on the earths surface and thus weathers easily. The depth at which it forms also results in samples being quite dense for their size. It derives its name from it's green colour which is a result of nickle and is found in mafic and ultra mafic igneous environments. When high quality crystals are found, they are known as peridot and are highly sought after as gemstones, as they can be cut, shaped and polished with drastic effects, enhancing the green colour further more. It has also been found on the surface of the moon, rocks collected from the Apollo 15 mission brought back samples of olivine basalt. Specimens may occasionally exhibit small amounts or peridot or a rare mineral, kammererite, however overall, samples supplied are granular or crystalline in texture and exhibit the typical bright olive green colour. Available in various sizes and supplied in card trays with an information label.

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