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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd
Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

COSTU Geological Compass Clinometer

£185.00 ex VAT

Technical Information:

  • Needle: Northern hemisphere (can adjust for use in other magnetic zones) 
  • Die cast non magnetic body 
  • Drawing edge 110 mm 
  • Sighting mirror 
  • Gravity operated clinometer 
  • 90° +/-
  • Rotatable compass 
  • Graduations: 5° 
  • Bubble level
  • Accessories: Leather case
  • Total weight: 122 grams

The COSTU is suitable for all manner of simple geological surveys. It utilises a rugged casing of die-cast non-magnetic light metal as not to interfere with the compass needle. It also features a graduated drawing edge measuring 110 mm, hinged mirror of chromed brass for easy observation of the compass needle, and an open sight 11 cm (rear and front sights). The compass dial its self, as with most compasses, is rotatable and transparent and has a liquid filled capsule for smooth rotating of the needle, readable from below, made of non-breakable makrolon with liquid damping of the compass needle, inverted East and West marking, counterclockwise numbering graduation 5° (5g) running from 0° - 360°. A gravity operated pendulum clinometer with graduations of +/- 90° to measure vertical angles in the compass lid, incorporated round level. A thumb ring is also present for comfortable use. The COSTU geological compasses is manufactured in Germany by renowned specialists Breithaupt Kassel, and provides you with a highly accurate, robust compass where ever you take it and comes supplied with a leather case.

Additional information

Weight 80010 g


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