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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

COCLA Stratum Compass

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Technical Data:
– Compass circle diameter 50 mm
– Precision compass needle (balanced for zone 1 – magnetic north)
* Can be balanced for use in other zones. Done automatically upon purchase or request.
– Graduation interval 1° (1g)
– Accuracy < 0,1° (0,2g) - Numbering continuous from 10° to 10° (10g to 10g) - Declination adjustment ±30° - Vertical circle diameter 25 mm - Graduation interval of inclinometer 5° (5g) - Readings to 1° (1g) - Graduation range quadrantal 235° - Numbering from 20° to 20° (20g to 20g) - Circular level 30’/2 mm - Tracing edge 60 mm - Dimensions of closed compass 74x96x25 mm - Includes leather case - Weight 275 g

Manufactured by Breithaupt Kassel in conjuction with geologist, Professor Dr. Clar, the Cocla stratum compass is intended for performing geological, geophysical, mining and tectonic measurements. This unique design incorporates the method by Prof. Dr. Clar, which allows users to obtain azimuth strike and angle of dip readings simultaneously in one single operation. The compass is intended for use by geologists, engineering geologists and, rock mechanic engineers and surveyors. The compass is extremely robust due to its sturdy housing and cover of a corrosion resistant aluminium alloy. Like all compasses, it utilises a graduated circle which is azimuth (0° - 360°) and is 50 mm in diameter making it easy to read from a distance. I features a circular magnetic needle, a dampening pot of copper (for eddy current dampening). This compass is also unique in that it has a transparent acrylic plate on the base, which allows you to view reading when observing from the bottom up. (Example, when you are trying to obtain readings from an outcrop which is above your head). The side left hinge of the compass also has 60 mm etched graduations, this is the inclinometer and allows you to obtain the dip degree readings easily without having to tip the compass on it's side. Overall, it is an instrument made by professionals, intended for use by professionals. Balanced for magnetic zone 1, North but can be precision balanced for use in other countries upon purchase, there is no charge for this and the processes does not take any extra time. It will be done automatically when we see where the compass will be dispatched too.

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